What is your style of workshop facilitation?

We utilize hands-on, experiential learning processes that intentionally reflect the ways in which children, youth, and adults are intrinsically motivated to learn.

We provide an environment in which participants use their imaginations, creativity, body, and intellect.  We complement activities with opportunities for reflective dialogue, action planning, and research relevant to the experience.

Our work is needs- and relationship-based.  We tailor learning experiences to suit the interests and priorities of each group, and prioritize processes that are collaborative, drawing on the talents and skills that each individual brings to the learning community.  

How do you determine your prices?

Our fees for consulting, technical assistance, and program development are determined in collaboration with organizations and agencies.  Based on available budget and type of services requested, we establish the scope of each project and fees with our clients.   Factors affecting fees may include the number of sessions or trainings in each curriculum, the depth of the supporting materials requested, transportation costs, etc. While we do not offer an automatic discount to non-profit organizations, we look at each opportunity through an equity lens, and are committed to supporting the communities and causes we value.  Please contact us to inquire about the specific services you are interested in.

What kinds of materials do you provide for your workshops? How are they used?

Our workshops and trainings are dynamic and always include participatory exercises. We often distribute supporting written handouts that we pass out at the end of the workshop. We prefer participants to focus on their present experience without papers in hand and consider the supporting materials to be used for at home exploration and repetition.
When appropriate, we include bibliographies and web links for those interested I deeper exploration. Many of our handouts are appropriate for copying and distribution to coworkers and families. All handouts have our logo and contact information on them.

When providing technical assistance to a community based organization or school, how do you determine the scope of work?

We follow a consulting methodology that is based on Martha Eddy’s Dynamic Embodiment training. We first observe and listen to our clients current practices, needs, challenges and goals. We then work to support and systematize what is already strong, shining light on wisdom gained through real life experience, not cookie cutter formulas. The final phase is providing options for aligning values and goals, creating possibilities for deep change in agreed upon areas of growth and creating realistic and respectful timelines that foster internal and external relationship building and trust. We ask for significant feedback and move slowly in order to go deep rather than wide. We also believe strongly in collaboration and efficiency. If another partner is needed and more appropriate, we will always refer out portions of the scope.

When implementing a program for a school or CBO, how do you evaluate the success of the program and/or make necessary changes?

Pulsing Word consultants have expertise as program directors and executive directors and are very familiar with the need for reliable and comprehensive data collection tools. We are versed in both quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods and will include reports and analysis as requested by each client. We also hold ourselves accountable to the families and children impacted by our services and will go out of our way to listen first hand their unique perspectives.

When developing a curriculum for a CBO or school, who retains proprietary rights to the curriculum? Are you available to provide technical assistance with the implementation of the curriculum you develop?

When Pulsing Word consultants are invited to design a curriculum in collaboration with a Community Based Organization, we create a specific contract that addresses the issue of propriety and usage. Pulsing Word retains authorship of all original content and requests to be notified of any changes in usage. We generally grant propriety to the partnering CBO unless otherwise agreed upon in the contract.