We work with educators and community-based organizations to strengthen and deepen their work with children, youth, and families by providing experiential learning opportunities, program and curriculum development, and hands-on coaching that honors the connection between cognitive, physical, and social-emotional domains.  We strive to support communities that embrace rich cultural diversity and nurture the creative thinking of the next generation.

At Pulsing Word, we strive to create a community of educators and families who locate early learning in the joyous space where literacy, movement, story, and song come together, inseparably linked with deep and trusting relationships.

Together with those who guide children’s development, we build experiential and relevant learning opportunities in English and Spanish using principles of “Embodied Literacy,” learning that honors the connection between cognitive, physical, and social-emotional domains of early childhood.

Aimed at breaking preconceived notions of what early learning and literacy SHOULD look like, our workshops and consulting services foster a creative vision of what they CAN look like. We believe that every child and family deserves a safe, culturally and linguistically vibrant environment, full of rich and vivid experiences, where divergent thinking and multi-lingual expression will thrive, and each child can reach their true potential.

  • No Power Points. We use experiential learning to lead participants through movement exercises and hands-on projects.  Each activity is designed to foster embodied understanding of the material and generate real curiosity.
  • No lectures. We share from our experiences AND listen, drawing on the wisdom of all participants in the room. In addition to whole group experiences and discussions, we favor small group break-outs and partner work, allowing all types of learners to process and contribute.
  • No taking notes on laptops. We move, play, explore, sing, laugh and take risks. Each workshop begins with movement activities to take us into our bodies and ready to discover connections. Participants should wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to have fun!
  • No cookie cutter format. Each workshop is tailored to meet your needs. Whether parents, educators, directors or policy makers, our material is presented in a culturally and professionally specific context.
  • Not just theory. We know that time is valuable and we respect yours! Each workshop includes opportunities for lived experience, cognitive reflection and for visioning for the future. We trust that each participant will put the theory into practice when given some time for planning—both individually and with feedback from peers.

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