Pulsing Word consultants follow an observation-based model for providing support to individuals and organizations. After discussing goals and challenges, we will come and observe you in any setting that will be beneficial: in a classroom, working one on one with a child, or with families. We will then customize a set of trainings to support what IS thriving, and to address challenges that we observe. New tools and new methods are crafted together with staff in these trainings to ensure their success and to maximize the knowledge that you hold. If appropriate, we then come in to model the new tools and/or do follow up observations and supervision with individuals or the staff at large.

Technical Assistance

Program Development & Implementation

Curriculum Development

Staff Retreats

Technical Assistance and Consulting for Community Based Organizations and schools wishing to grow or transform some aspect of their current programming or practices.

Program Development and Implementation for Organizations interested in expanding their services to a new population or to meet a new community need.

Curriculum Development for Organizations interested in designing a specific content and delivery tailored to their clientele.

Staff retreats for Organizations committed to deepening their relationships and building common values to drive their practices.

Professional Development and Capacity Building Trainings


For Early Learning Practitioners & Educators

For Elementary School Teachers

For Librarians

For Administrators

For Families

Pulsing Word consultants are available for keynote speaking engagements and conference presentations on the topics of integrated movement education, embodied literacy, project based learning, and enlivened family engagement practices. We can customized our presentation according to your time and content requirements.  We are also honored to sit on panel discussions as part of a broader community of innovative educators.


Keynote Speaking Arraignments

Conference Presentations

Kathy Katz

Your workshop combined valuable information with fun. Some of the participants may have started out slightly reticent, but the movement activities drew everyone in immediately, creating an environment that strengthened the group dynamic. You combine learning with creative exploration and community building. Everyone loved it!

Kathy Katz

Children's Book Project

Edward Kaufman

We are excited to be partnering with Pulsing Word to increase the literacy support our parents provide their children at Marshall Elementary. Their family literacy workshop series, “Sopa de Letras,” is thoughtful and engaging–with strong emphasis on participation and hands-on activities–and they have been very open to working with us to customize the workshops according to our needs.

From the overwhelming positive feedback we received from staff, the school administration, and most importantly parents themselves, we have asked them to come back and expand the Sopa de Letras series this year. As an administrator, I have also been impressed with the level of professionalism and adaptability Pulsing Word has demonstrated as we integrated their efforts into our school contracts.

Edward Kaufman

Executive Director, Mission Graduates